Restaurant and Commercial Knife Sharpening

Clay’s Sharpening Service offers a Knife rental service. Your restaurant can rent sharpened knives that will be delivered straight to your business. Choose a tailored set of knives for your restaurant, actually two sets—one that is in use and one that is being sharpened. Sets can include as many knives and knife styles as needed and can be changed with the prep needs of your menu. Set up a delivery schedule that works best for you. We can deliver your knives on a one, two, three or four week schedule. When We deliver your newly sharpened knives, We take back your old ones. No down time, No hassle.

We also provide on-site mobile sharpening for restaurants, hotels, and other commercial food service establishments in Bedford, and other surrounding areas. If you already have knives, or your cooks provide their own, We sharpen on site. We will make sure they have loaner knives to use so production does not slow down a bit. Our prices are very competitive and are based on the amount of cutlery and the frequency of service. 

So For as little as $25/month, your restaurant can have sharpened Knives.

Call Us at 817-952-7007 or email us at [email protected] for quotes and scheduling.