Residential Push Gas Lawn Mower Preventive Maintenance service.

This is a tuneup and/or oil change for a mower running properly (no repairs needed).

Push Gas Lawn Mower Tune Up and Oil Change

Lawn Mower maintenance is not only good for the performance of your mower, but it also helps keep your equipment running smoothly. It reduces fuel consumption, emission levels, and helps to increase mower life and reliability. Blades need to be sharpened and balanced; caked-up grass needs to be removed from underneath so it won't rust out the cutting deck; oil needs to be changed; parts need to be lubricated; nuts and bolts work loose and need to be tightened. Doing annual maintenance can keep your mower running for years.

Lawn mower service $65.00

Maintenance includes oil change, service the air filter (clean or replace per filter requirements), replace the spark plug, clean the carburetor, sharpen and balance the blade, remove caked-up grass from underneath the cutting deck, grease and lubricate as required, general check, Clean and adjustment. 

This is a preventative Maintenance service. Due to time constraints or equipment needed, troubleshooting or repairs can not be done with this service.

On the Mower, Blade Sharpening

and Balancing only (Push Mowers Only)

Blades should be sharpened and balanced every

cutting season. A sharp blade helps maintain a green, healthy lawn. A sharp blade not only cuts clean so grass plants recover quickly, it helps reduce your lawn mowing time.

Blade Sharpening Service $10

Service includes removing blade, Sharpening, balancing, removing caked-up grass from blade and underneath cutting deck, reinstalling the blade.