A razor sharp edge on your chef Knife could crumble the first time you hit a bone; your knife would be sharp but useless. We take into consideration the function of shape, the angle of the edge bevel, and especially the intended purpose of your knives. The real question is not "how sharp should my knife be," but rather "how do I get maximum performance from my knives." Whether it's high dollar knives or an inexpensive store brand, nobody should struggle with dull knives. All knives sharpened go through a multi step process to ensure an edge that will stay sharper longer. With less metal removed, and an edge that is easy to maintain, you are assured your knife will cut flawlessly for many months, if not years to come. A sharp knife can help make your kitchen a better, safer place to create that magical meal. 

Rada Cutlery Reseller


 We sharpen scissors used for fabric, kitchen, household use, and grooming. By utilizing the Twice As Sharp Sharpening System. This system allows us to get your scissors razor sharp with limited loss of metal.  

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