Clipper Blade Sharpening only $7 per standard set, $8 for large animal sets.

All Clipper Blade sharpening is done in shop. Pick-up/delivery is available at your grooming shop or vet clinic in Bedford. You can also bring your tools to us. Same or next-day service is almost always available. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

We use the Nebraska Blades CS-101 clipper blade sharpener for all types and sizes of clipper blades. We sharpen A-5 compatible blades for barbers, pet groomers, stylists and veterinarians. We remove the minimal amount of metal required to restore a clean, sharp edge. We ensure that your blades will cut properly and last for as many sharpenings as possible before replacement.The blades are disassembled, inspected, sharpened, de-magnetized, washed, oiled, adjusted, reassembled and tested. We reset the socket to eliminate blade rattle and adjust the spring tension properly so that the blades cut effortlessly without excessive heat build-up. We will replace missing screws, improperly adjusted springs, cracked sockets and worn blade guides at no additional charge. We guarantee that you will receive a clean, sharp, properly adjusted clipper blade every time. Turn around time 24hrs or less depending on the number of blades.