Chain saws are used in a variety of jobs, and just like other tools they will not work correctly if they are not in great condition. Each time a chain saw is used, it should cut like the first time it was purchased or when the chain was replaced, If not then it is time to have it sharpened.

 We promise a quick turn around on chain sharpening. We charge $7 if you bring the chain in with you or $12 if We take the chain off the saw. Carbide Chains are $15 off and $17 on. We use a professional bench mount chain saw chain sharpener. It allows us to quickly sharpen each tooth at the correct and optimal angle. we will inspect the chain and make sure that all the connecting links are still in safe working condition. We sharpen any brand of chain saw chain. Give us a call if you have any questions or want to drop off your chain to be sharpened.

Dealer for Rapco carbide chainsaw chains.


Lawn mower blades, pruners, loppers, hedge trimmers (manual, electric and gas),

grass clippers, etc. When it comes to digging in the garden or pruning trees and shrubs, having tools that are cleaned, lubricated, sharpened and otherwise properly maintained, makes any outdoor job simpler and more efficient. Sharp tools are especially important for properly cutting grass, pruning tree and shrub branches and even pruning herbaceous ornamental and houseplants. Sharpening, Cleaning, Lubricating, start for as little as $5. See Sharpening Price list for more details.